pre-registration IS now open!

What information can you provide us about GNCTR 2018 so far?  Check out our registration document, available at this link!  This document details each stage of the registration process, and provides logistical information about accomodation and transportation for GNCTR 2018. 

What is pre-registration?  Pre-registration is our way of getting basic information we need to know about each team planning to compete at GNCTR 2018.  We'll use this to help refine our planning for the competition.  There is no official deadline for pre-registration, but we'd appreciate teams sending us this info as soon as you have it available!

What if we forget about pre-registration?  Can we still compete?  Yes!  Obviously we'd prefer to have this info beforehand, but if your dog ate your computer (or you simply forgot to fill out the form) you can still compete at GNCTR 2018 without completing this form.

What is the advantage to completing pre-registration?  First off we get your captain's contact info, which ensures you don't miss key information in the months leading up to GNCTR... so kind of important.  Secondly, this is your opportunity to claim your spirit theme for the competition on a first come, first serve basis... so better start having spirit meetings with your team!  (A note for the two really ambitious teams who emailed us to claim their spirit theme months ago - your theme remains safely claimed for the competition).

When is Initial Registration due?  When is Final Registration due?

Initial registration, detailing the exact number of competitors and the initial registration payment, is due on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 11:59PM EST.

Final registration, detailing a list of all competing team members, team information, and the final registration payment, is due on Friday, December 1st, 2017 at 11:59PM EST. 


Please complete the GNCTR 2018 PRE-REGISTRATION form below:

The name you intend to call for your toboggan team for GNCTR 2018, incorporating your spirit theme.
Describe your proposed spirit theme. The GNCTR 2018 Organizing Committee will email you later to confirm your theme and reserves the right to veto any theme deemed inappropriate.
Team Captain Contact #1 *
Team Captain Contact #1
Team Captain #1 Contact Phone *
Team Captain #1 Contact Phone
Team Captain Contact #2 *
Team Captain Contact #2
Team Captain #2 Contact Phone *
Team Captain #2 Contact Phone
Are you a competing, non-competing undergrad, non-competing alumni, or non-competing corporate team?
How are you currently planning for your team to travel to Waterloo? This is preliminary, any changes and exact flight times will be finalized later.
Insert any links/usernames here to your team's social media that we should follow (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc):