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   University of British Columbia Vancouver | Batches of Glory

   University of British Columbia Okanagan | UBSteam-O

   University of Calgary | Jurasled Park

   Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) | Boggan Powers

   University of Alberta | Gordon Ramski's Toboggan Nightmares

   University of Manitoba | Ghostboggers

   Lawrence Tech University | Double 0 Sleddin'

   Western University | Western Engineering Toboggan Troopers

   University of Waterloo | The Mighty Geese

   University of Waterloo (GNCTR 1998 Alumni)

   University of Guelph | To Infinity and Tbogg!

   McMaster University | The Sledstones of Bogrock

   Hamilton (Alumni)

   University of Toronto | Olympians of the Toboggan

   University of Toronto (Alumni)

   Ryerson University | R.U.P.D. - Cops and Boggers

   Queens University | Semi-Pro Boggers

   Royal Military College of Canada | Royal Military College Concrete Crew

   University of Ottawa | GNCTAir

   Carleton University | Starboggs

   Concordia University | We Are Groot

   Université de Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke Program for Asteroid Concrete Exploration (SPACE)

   Memorial University of Newfoundland | Mummorial University