What is GNCTR?

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) is the largest student run engineering competition in Canada. Dating back to 1975, this competition brings together approximately 500 engineering students from technical institutions across Canada. These students will be given the opportunity to apply and develop their skills in design, technical writing, networking, and management by designing, building, and racing a toboggan with a running surface made entirely of concrete. 

GNCTR was last held in Waterloo in 1999. Almost two decades later, the 2018 Organizing Committee is excited to be carrying on the GNCTR tradition of teamwork, sportsmanship, school spirit, and innovation in Waterloo once again.  The competition will take place from January 24 - 28, 2018.

The GNCTR 2018 Organizing Committee will need the help of many dedicated volunteers to help coordinate all aspects of the event and keep the competition running smoothly.

What are the responsibilities of a Volunteer?

1.  Volunteers will be needed for the following events:

❄  Wednesday, January 24: Registration and Opening Ceremonies

❄  Thursday, January 25: Activity Day (On Campus at the University of Waterloo)

❄  Friday, January 26: Technical Exhibition (Bingemans Conference Centre)

❄  Saturday, January 27: Race Day (Chicopee Tube Park)

❄  Sunday, January 28: Checkout and Cleanup

2.  Maintain communication with the Organizing Committee leading up to the event.

3.  Attend a Volunteer Orientation Meeting prior to the event, if required.

4.  Assist the organizing committee to help facilitate the daily events.

5.  Help the competitors find their way to, from and around the activities each day.

6.  Maintain a general understanding of the day’s scheduled activities.

7.  Assist with record and score keeping.

8.  Brave the elements to help ensure all toboggans and riders make it down the hill safely on Race Day.

9.  Keep a positive attitude at all times, and have fun!

What Is Included / Excluded for Volunteers?

Volunteers working through a meal time will be provided with complimentary meals.  All volunteers will be provided with a GNCTR 2018 Volunteer T-Shirt and lanyard.  As this event is funded via corporate sponsorship and therefore has a limited budget, hotel accommodations are not provided by the Organizing Committee for volunteers similar to past years.  Lodging costs if required are left up to the volunteers themselves.

How To Apply?

To apply to volunteer for this unique event, please fill out the application form below.  There is no set deadline for the applications, but the earliest we can know of your confirmed availability and interest, the better.

By submitting the form below, you agree to abide by all rules set forth by the Organizing Committee, hotel, event venues, transportation services, etc.  Failure to follow the rules will result in volunteers being dismissed from the competition.  Volunteers will be asked to sign the GNCTR 2018 liability waiver prior to competition.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions regarding volunteering to help run GNCTR 2018, please email the Organizing Committee at info@gnctr2018.ca!

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Airport Pickup?
The Organizing Committee will need a few volunteers to help meet teams arriving at Pearson International Airport (Terminal 3) on Wednesday, January 24th, show teams to the buses, and accompany them on the bus to Kitchener-Waterloo. Bus from Pearson to Waterloo is provided by the Organizing Committee. Please check the boxes below if you are interested and willing to volunteer for this role.
Do you have your own digital SLR camera (or similar) and are interested in volunteering as an event photographer / media?
Wednesday, January 24th:
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Friday, January 26th:
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Saturday, January 27th:
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Sunday, January 28th:
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